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Security Policy

KBH Corporation takes credit card information security very seriously and uses a host of technical solutions to make your shopping online a safe experience. We do not store credit card numbers. When a purchase is made on our site, the credit card number is forwarded to the credit card processing clearing house, which in turn, applies the purchased amount to your credit card company. This ends the travel path of your credit card information.

To insure safe shopping, we use 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption security, which is the highest level of security available today for e-commerce transactions. All pages containing your personal information, including credit card numbers, name and address are encrypted while in transit. This basically means it cannot be read as the information travels over the internet. Secure Socket Layer encryption makes shopping on the internet the safest way to use your credit card. This method of credit card shopping is much safer than using your credit card at a restaurant or a department store.